Swing it



Swing it is a golf swing video analysis tool for the Mac that let’s you see what is really going on in the golf swing.

The tools that can be used for the analysis includes drawing objects on the video, side-by-side comparison, video-on-video comparison, 10 key positions, tempo / rhythm, reference frames, screen recording, tracking of clubheads and ball paths and much more.

The result of the analysis (included any drawings) can be exported to movies which makes them easy to import to other computers or web sites such as YouTube.

Swing it comes in three flavours

    Swing it Viewer - free application that let´s you play Swing it movies

    Swing it - includes all drawing tools

    Swing it Pro - includes all tools

See the comparison chart for more information about the differences between the applications.

Please note that the Swing it and Swing it Pro applications requires Mac OSX version 10.6.6...

The Swing it-applications can be purchased at the Mac App Store:

    Swing it Viewer

    Swing it

    Swing it Pro

About Swing it

Swing it

the new golf swing analysis tool

for the Mac.